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Complex record streams

In Data Management, most connectors between tools will transport a single record type. When you double-click any data connector, you will see its record schema displayed in the schema window. However, the complex record file formats may contain hundreds of record types in a single schema, especially in the standard formats like X12 and EDIFACT. Since it would be impractical to have that many separate data connectors on a tool, Data Management implements a complex record stream to transport multiple record types between tools.

A complex record stream contains meta-records with six fields:




The type of the record.


A unique record number.


The __ID value of the parent record in the nesting hierarchy, or zero for root records.


The relative order of this record with respect to all of child records of the same parent.


Used for special cases child records are named instead of simply ordered in a list. This is only used in XML.


A binary field containing the raw data of the actual record. Never alter this value.

You normally do not manipulate these record streams directly. Instead, use a Complex Splitter tool to generate simple record types to work with. There are a few cases where you might operate on the complex record stream directly such as:

  • Using a Filter tool to remove some record types based on the __Type field value.

  • Using a Calculate tool to alter __Sequence values to change the relative order of children by __Type.

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