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Advanced tab

When shown, the Advanced tab can expose additional channel-specific properties.  It is not displayed when no advanced properties are supported at a channel.

In addition, the following properties are available in this tab:

  • No. of days fulfillment active: this property is only available at channels that support a channel synchronization task, which updates RPI with results and state data from the channel’s provider.  It defaults to a blank value and accepts a numerical value from 1 to 365.
    When a value is provided, interaction fulfillment activities are monitored for updates for a duration in days as defined by the property.  Thereafter, no further monitoring occurs.  Also, in the case of Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) email channels, data extensions are deleted after the defined number of days.
    If a value is not provided, monitoring for results data (and data extension deletion) are carried out for/after a default number of days.  The default value is 30, and is defined in the Pulse database table op_Housekeepers, where the row representing the Fulfillment activity housekeeper’s Configuration value is set as follows:

<config daysFulfillmentActive="30" />
  • Fail if no merge files: this checkbox is unchecked by default.  If checked, offer execution will fail if no mail merge files are generated.
    The property is supported at the following channels:

    • Email

    • Eloqua

    • LuxSci

    • SendGrid

    • SMS

    • Twilio

    • Push

    • Azure Push Direct Notification

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