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Basic Selection Rules and AI (Beta)

You can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create criteria within a basic selection rule. To do this, select the following option at the Rule Designer's Start Page's Create New Rule tab:

Note that this is currently a Beta feature. Any criteria created using AI should be inspected manually to ensure they are accordant with expectations.

The option is only available if one or more SQL database definitions at which Enable AI has been checked exist, and the current user is a member of a user group with the Selection Rule - Basic - AI functional permission.

Selecting the option creates a new basic selection rule and displays it in the Rule Designer. A ‘Tell me what you’d like to build’ overlay is displayed on top of the rule's workspace, and an example prompt is provided therein.

The overlay contains the following:

  • Prompt textbox: enter text describing the criteria you wish to create within the text box. An example prompt is provided. Note that the text used in the prompt must reflect the criterion types available at the rule's currently-selected SQL database definition (synonyms are supported).

  • Build: this button is enabled as soon as text is entered into the prompt textbox. Clicking the button builds criteria within the rule using the prompt provided. At its invocation, a the following are displayed at the overlay:

Please note the message – it is important to check that the criteria generated using AI are as per your expectations.

A Build Selection Rule using AI job is created (the My Jobs Window is not displayed). More information on the job can be found in the My Jobs documentation. On the job's completion, the overlay is removed and display and criteria will have been added to the rule.

If the job fails, an error message is displayed.

Note that you cannot remove the overlay until the job has completed.

Close: an ‘X’ close button, shown to the top right, allows you remove the overlay from display. It is not shown while the Build Selection Rule using AI job is running.

When a basic selection rule is created using the Basic Selection Rule using AI option at the Rule Designer start page, an additional Refine Criteria using AI option is shown at the bottom of the toolbox's Tools tab. This is documented in the Toolbox section in this documentation.

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