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Basic Selection Rules

Basic selection rules offer a simpler approach to the identification of records of interest (primarily for the purpose of selecting an audience to which messages are to be communicated). They can be used in a SQL environment, alongside, or as an alternative to, standard selection rules.

Basic selection rules can be used anywhere a standard selection rule can be used, with the exception of a Selection Rule criterion in an Orchestration realtime decision.

Basic selection rules are built in a similar manner to NoSQL selection rules, by selecting criteria from a slide-out panel, and then configuring them as required.

Basic selection rules are generally less feature-rich than standard selection rules, but they do support contact rules, which facilitate the selection of records that have previously been contacted via RPI.

To take advantage of the functionality available at standard selection rule within a basic selection rule, it will need to be converted to the former using the toolbox option provided. After conversion to a standard selection rule, any criteria are converted into standard attribute-based criteria, using attributes sourced from the rule’s SQL database definition. Criteria lists within the converted rule are expanded or rolled up in accordance with the Selection Rules – Expand everything on load user preference option.

Note that, having converted a basic to a standard selection rule, it is not possible to convert it back.

The criteria available at a basic selection rule are specified at a SQL Database Definition. SQL database definitions are managed in a dedicated configuration interface. For more information, please see the Configuration Workbench documentation.

Basic selection rules are available in the Rule Designer toolbox when at least one SQL database definition has been configured.

Access to basic selection rule functionality is controlled by the following functional permissions:

  • Selection Rule – Basic – AI

  • Selection Rule – Basic – Convert to Standard

  • Selection Rule – Basic – Count

  • Selection Rule – Basic – Data Viewer

  • Selection Rule – Basic – Design

  • Selection Rule – Basic – Export

  • Selection Rule – Basic – View Generated SQL

This document details features of basic selection rules that are specific to the file type. Details of features shared between basic selection rules and other files supported in the Rule Designer can be found in that interface’s documentation.

In this section:

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