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Exists in a List or Map

The Exists in a List of Map criterion is only available at database column attributes with a List or Map data type.

It allows you to specify a value to search for within the series of values listed within the attribute's value.

For example, at the following List field value: '[1, 2, 3, 4, 5]', provision of value '4' would satisfy the criterion. Similarly, at the following Map field value: '{'Map1': 1, 'Map2': 4}', provision of value '1' would satisfy the criterion.

When creating or configuring an Exists in a List or Map criterion, the Criterion Builder looks like this:

The [value] field is displayed using a control accordance with the attribute's data type. Provision of a value is optional; if you do not provide a value, a Null value is used.

Note that, if running a standard selection rule against a Cassandra auxiliary database, the RPI List data type encompasses both Cassandra List and Set data types.

Note also that tuple values are supported at the List and Map data types.

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