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Expanded Rule/Panel – Common Features

The following features are common to the header at selection rules, analysis panels and realtime decisions when displayed in expanded mode in the Rule Designer:

  • Panel type

  • Name: an editable representation of the file’s name is displayed at the left of its header. Name can be a maximum of 100 characters. When unsaved changes are present, an asterisk is displayed to the right of the file’s Name.

  • Validation issues: when the file is invalid, due e.g. to a mandatory property having not been configured, a validation errors indicator is displayed:

Clicking the same displays details of the validation errors in a dialog.

If the file is valid, the indicator is not shown.

This property is not shown at standard selection rules.

  • File Version

  • Save: two options are available:

    • Save: when the file has been saved previously, invoking this option persists any changes to the current file in the RPI file system. When the file has yet to be saved, Save behaves like Save As.

    • Save As: selecting this option displays the RPI Fil System Dialog, allowing you to specify a name for the file, and a location to which it is to be saved.

  • Pop Out/Snap Back: this button allows you to either pop the current file out of the Rule Designer, displaying it in its own independent, modeless Window, or, if already popped out, snaps it back into the Rule Designer (after all other files displayed therein, in an expanded state). Pop Out/Snap Back is described in detail elsewhere in this documentation.

  • Collapse: clicking this button displays the file in a collapsed state.

  • Actions: providing access to the following:

    • File Version

    • Follow this File

    • File Options

    • File Metadata

    • Linked Page Options

    • Copy Image to Clipboard

  • Close: clicking this button closes the file, and removes it from the Rule Designer. If it contains unsaved changes, an ‘Are You Sure?’ dialog is shown.

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