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Getting started with channels

Channels List

All existing channels are presented in alphabetical order by name.

The following read-only columns are displayed:

  • Icon

  • Name

  • Description

  • Enabled

  • Delivery Method

  • Default

  • State

Selected Channel Details

The Selected Channel Details section contains a tabset, which can expose some or all of the following tabs:

  • General

  • Channel Specific

  • Post Execution

  • Web Adapters

  • Custom State Flow

  • Advanced

Each is discussed separately.

Note that channel providers’ specific properties may be split across the Channel Specific and Advanced tabs.

Channel Authorization

Some RPI channels require to be authorized before being saved and used. Each channel’s authorization process is unique and is described individually. If you attempt to authorize a channel prior to the provision of its mandatory properties, a warning is thrown. Note that you can save a channel prior to its authorization, but if you attempt to utilize it in an interaction workflow, a runtime validation error will be thrown.

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