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Realtime Cache

The Realtime Cache channel allows you to retrieve data from the data warehouse, the structure of which is defined by a realtime cache offer and persist that data in the RPI realtime cache.

A Realtime Cache channel exposes the following channel-specific fields:

  • Key attribute: this mandatory attribute must match the value define at the current RPI Realtime web.config file's Master Key Name (or one of its Master Key Alternative Names).  Parameter and Exists in table attributes are not supported in this context.  The property can be populated using drag and drop, or by browsing for an attribute.  Having selected an attribute, you can view its details in the File Information Dialog.  You can also clear the selected attribute.

  • Number of import threads: allows definition of the maximum number of parallel threads that can be used to import data into the realtime cache.

  • Insert batch size: controls the maximum record batch size to be used when importing data into the realtime cache.

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