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Tuple Data Type Support

RPI supports a Tuple data type at database column attributes. A tuple is a sequence of elements with a specific structure. Here is an example of a tuple value, which might be stored in a database column attribute:


When you drag in an attribute with the Tuple data type to create a standard selection rule criterion, the following criterion types are available:

  • Compare to Constant

  • Compare to Attribute

When building a Compare to Constant criterion, and specifying a tuple value, the Edit Tuple Values dialog is displayed:

Each tuple element is displayed in a numbered list, with a value displayed at each. Data type-specific controls (String, Integer, Decimal, Date) facilitate data entry at the same.

Tuples are also supported as elements within database column values with the following data types:

Tuple: nested Edit Tuple Values dialogs are used to set values at the same.

  • List

  • Map

Note that the following operators are not supported when building a tuple criterion at a Google BigQuery database: >, >=, <, <=.

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