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Upgrading RPI (v6 to v7)

Important: to upgrade RPI v7.x from v6.x, please contact

Click this link to access documentation on deploying RPI in Kubernetes using Helm.

For more detailed information, check out our documentation on Upgrading to RPI v7.x.

Pre-requisites for upgrading are as follows:

  • Have a Kubernetes solution available to use. ( Turnkey Cloud Solutions )

  • Install kubectl. ( Install and Set Up kubectl on Linux )

  • Have a SQL Server server available to use for RPI databases.

  • Request access to Redpoint's container registry. Open a ticket with requesting access to the RPI repository.

  • Have a license key to activate RPI. Contact Redpoint Support for an activation key.

  • Use the Redpoint Interaction Upgrade Helper prior to upgrade to check availability of plugins in the v7 version. This executable is available at DeploymentFiles\Utilities.  When run in a command line Window, the Helper requests that a v6 Pulse database connection string be entered.  Assuming that it is able to connect, it checks for v7 compatibility of all plugins currently in use.  If one or more incompatible plugins is found, their details are displayed, and the option to output the same to a file is provided.

The resultant file contains details of the plugins in question, along with a series of v7 environment variables, which can serve as a starting point for the new v7 cluster.  An example is provided below.

  "General": {
"Server=localhost,2433;Database=Pulse;UID=[x];PWD=[x];ConnectRetryCount=12;Co nnectRetryInterval=10;Encrypt=false",
    "ConnectionStrings__LoggingDatabase": "[not set]",
    "RPI__ServiceHostName": "",
    "RPI__SMTP__EmailSenderAddress": "[x]",
    "RPI__SMTP__Address": "[x]",
    "RPI__SMTP__Port": 587,
    "RPI__SMTP__EnableSSL": false,
    "RPI__SMTP__UseCredentials": false
  "Execution": {
    "RPIExecution__QueueListener__IsEnabled": true,
    "RPIExecution__QueueListener__QueuePath": "RPIListenerQueue"
  "InteractionAPI": {
    "RPIClient__HelpStartPageURL": "[x]"
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