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IFL: Transaction header extension overview


This topic provides additional detail related to the Transaction Header Extension Feed Layout, including the use of the Feed Layout, how the data is reflected in the database, and how to use the data in Redpoint CDP.

Feed layout intent

Transaction Header Extension Feed could be used to make more attributes available in the Redpoint CDP platform for header level information of a transaction. The advantage of the extension file is its Key-Value pair fields, for example custom_field_name and custom_field_value, allowing you to pass any type of data that needs to be available in Redpoint CDP for future analysis or research.

Feed layout areas of consideration

If there are multiple business units available, then the Transaction Header extension will store data at the business unit level based on the actual Transaction Feed Layout, as well as if different types of information need to be available in the Redpoint CDP platform.

Identity matching

Transaction Header extension data do not go through matching.

Use in RPI

Transaction Header extension data can be used in RPI to use extension attributes as part of an Interaction selection or suppression criteria.

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