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The Data Management repository uses a folder paradigm to organize objects, much like Windows Explorer or other file organizing systems. Several folders are pre-defined, including:

  • The Samples folder, which contains a large number of annotated projects you can use to jump-start your development efforts.

  • The Formulas folder, where Data Management stores user-defined formulas. Formulas in this folder appear in the function tree of the expression editor, which you use to define expressions in the Calculate and Filter tools. You cannot store projects or macros in the Formulas folder.

  • The Macros folder, which contains several pre-defined macros, and is the default location for storing Data Management macros. However, you can store projects and macros in any folder except the Formulas folder.

  • The Data Connections folder, where Data Management stores user-defined database connection configurations. Once defined, these can be used in any RDBMD tool.

  • The Web Services folder, where Data Management stores web service projects that have been enabled as realtime web services.

You can add folders to the repository as needed.

Add and remove folders

To add a folder to the repository

  1. Right-click the repository icon to add a top-level folder, or on a folder icon to add a subdirectory.

  2. Select New Folder, and then enter a name for the new folder. Select OK to finish.

To remove a folder from the repository

  • Right-click the folder you want to remove, and then select Delete.

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