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Getting started with File Approval

Approve File Functional Permission

The File System – Approve File functional permission is available when configuring user groups in the User Groups configuration interface.

It is used to grant to users the ability to approve files. If a user is a member of a user group associated with the functional permission, and that user group is in turn associated with the file type approval record for a given file type, then that user is deemed to be an approver for the file type in question. He or she may approve files of that type and deny approval in respect of the same.

Note that the ability to request approval of a file is not controlled by this functional permission, being open to all RPI users.

File Type Approval Configuration Interface

A dedicated configuration interface (File Type Approval) is provided in the Configuration Workbench. Its purpose is to control whether file approvals are enabled or disabled for the file types for which approvals are supported (currently limited to offers and interactions), and also to define the approval criteria that govern each.

Full details of the interface can be found in the Configuration Workbench documentation.

File Approval Widget

A file approval widget is available at the Dashboard Designer. It provides the ability to customize a dashboard to display lists of files in respect of which a user’s attention is required, either as an approver, or as an approval requester.

Full details of the file approval widget are provided in the Dashboards documentation.

Operations-Approval Summary Tab

An Approval Summary tab is provided within the Operations Interface.

It provides an at-a-glance summary of the current state of files’ approval statuses to operational users.

Full details of the Approval Summary tab are provided in the Operations Interface documentation.


Audit log records are generated when the following approval activities are undertaken:

  • File Access - Request File Approval

  • File Access - Cancel File Approval Request

  • File Access - Resend File Approval Request

  • File Access - Approve File

  • File Access - Deny File Approval Request

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