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File Approval

RPI optionally supports approval processes for two file types (offers and interactions).

When approval is enabled for offers, you cannot execute an offer activity based on an offer that does not have an approved version. If the current version of an offer is not approved, but a previous approved version exists, the latter will be used at offer activity execution.

(For details of versioning within the RPI file system, please see the RPI framework documentation.)

When approval is enabled for interactions, you cannot execute an interaction workflow in production mode unless the interaction within which it exists is approved.

Approval of a file can be requested by any user, but only those users designated as approvers have the ability to approve or deny approval in respect of a file. The rules governing the requirements for approval of a given file type are configured on a file type-by-file type basis.

A number of approval statuses support the RPI file approval process:

  • Not approved

  • Approval requested

  • Awaiting approval

  • Approved

  • Approval denied

Each of these is documented separately.

File approval touches upon a number of areas, each of which is also documented separately:

  • File System – Approve File functional permission

  • File Type Approval configuration interface

  • Approval panel

  • Manage File Approval dialog

  • Interaction Designer – file approval ramifications

  • File Approval widget

  • Operations Interface – Approval Summary tab

  • Approval auditing

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