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Email Tab set


If an email offer supports both HTML and Text content, two tabs are shown in the email Offer Designer:

Each is documented in its own separate section.

HTML Email Content Tab

HTML email content can be entered in a series of ‘cells’, defined within the Page Layout section. Cells can be grid-based or sited within an HTML template (for more information on creating HTML templates, please see the HTML asset within the Asset Designer documentation).

A cell can contain content entered via a rich text editor, or as raw HTML. In addition, an asset or smart asset can be assigned directly to a cell. A preview panel, displayed to the right of the HTML Email Content tab, provides a visualization of the email’s final assembly from its constituent parts.

The HTML Email Content tab contains the following elements:

  • Content Editor Toolbar

  • Page Layout section

  • Cell Editor

  • HTML Email Preview section

Each of these is documented separately.

HTML Content Editor Toolbar

The content editor toolbar is described within the RPI content editor documentation.

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