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SFMC Data Transfer

This channel type is suitable for those users who simply want to transfer target data selected by RPI to SFMC, with a view to managing creative and performing email execution within SFMC’s own user interface.

The following channel-specific fields are shown. Note that each of these is documented in the SFMC Email channel section, unless otherwise specified.

  • Delivery method: read-only, and set to SFMC Data Transfer

  • Connectivity test

  • Re-subscribe contacts

  • Recipient email

  • API service

  • Web service address

  • FTP server host address

  • Use OAuth authentication

  • Client ID

  • Client secret

  • API scopes

  • Account MID

  • Service username

  • Service password

  • SFTP username

  • SFTP password

  • Auto-suppress

  • Custom suppression table

  • Suppression table name

  • Import timeout

  • Import via file

  • Import table suffix

  • Import FTP location

  • Decrypt imported file

  • Encryption type

  • Encryption private key

  • Passphrase

  • Tracking extract activity ID

  • File transfer activity name (import)

  • Encrypt exported file

  • Encryption type

  • Encryption public key

  • File transfer activity name (export)

  • API call retry period

  • Send confirmation timeout

  • Enable SOAP trace

  • Subscriber key

  • Import additional unsubscribers

  • Data extension folder. Chosen using a folder selector; If a Data extension root folder has been provided, only immediate sub-folders of the same can be selected.

  • Data extension root folder: this optional text property accepts a maximum of 255 characters. It allows you to specify the name of the data extension root folder.

  • Remove decimal trailing zeroes

  • Exclude email address

  • Track email send: this checkbox is unchecked by default. If checked, it enables the capture of SFMC email send data.

  • Email send tracking table name: this textbox is enabled and mandatory if Track email send is checked. It accepts a maximum of 50 characters. It allows you to specify the name of a table in which SFMC email send data will be persisted. The table contains the following columns:

    • SendID

    • SendDate: the value returned from the API, not based on the SFMC portal.

    • ChannelExecutionID

    • EmailName

  • Data extension field source: this dropdown property exposes two values: 'Use database column' (the default) and 'Use attribute name'. It allows you to specify whether data extension field names will be sourced from exported attributes' database column or attribute names.

As per the SFMC Email channel, when you create a new SFMC Data Transfer channel, or change an existing channel’s Recipient email property, an orange message is shown at the top of the Channels configuration interface, and a Validate channels job is created and run at Save.

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