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Analysis Panels

Analysis panels are created and edited in the Rule Designer.  Ultimately, the purpose of an analysis panel is to facilitate the analysis of data elements, primarily with a view to creating selection rules based on the insights thus gleaned.  As such, they offer an alternative to the creation of selection rules through the manual definition of their criteria.

Note that the Word Cloud panel represents an exception to this approach, as it is not possible to create a selection rule from its results.

RPI supports the following types of analysis panel:

  • Chart

  • Crosstab

  • Pivot Table

  • Venn Diagram

  • Word Cloud

Analysis Panel NoSQL Restrictions

The following restrictions apply when running analysis panels against a NoSQL database:

  • MongoDB: Count Distinct aggregate is not supported.

  • CosmosDB: Count Distinct aggregate is not supported.

  • Amazon Document DB: Count Distinct aggregate is not supported.

  • Google Datastore: Venn Diagram not supported.

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