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RDBMS tools

The RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) tools support input from and output to a variety of relational databases. Data Management also supports JDBC 4.0 connectors to the following databases:

  • AWS Aurora MySql

  • AWS Redshift

  • Azure Data Warehouse

  • Azure SQL

  • DB2 (version 10 or above)

  • Greenplum

  • MySQL 5.7 and 8.0

  • IBM Netezza 7.2

  • Oracle 19c

  • PostgreSQL


  • SQL Server 2019

  • Sybase IQ

  • Teradata 16.20 and 17.10

  • Vertica 8

Using the RDBMS tools, you can:

  • Read the contents of a table.

  • Execute an SQL query and read its results.

  • Create a new table.

  • Insert new records into a table.

  • Update existing records.

  • Delete existing records.

  • Query a table dynamically using key values obtained from an upstream connection.

RDBMS connectors and connections

Data Management supports a variety of RDBMS input and output technologies. By saving data connection definitions to the Data Management repository, you can manage connections independently of the projects that use them and quickly change database configurations across multiple tools and projects.

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