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Main header

A header is displayed at the top of the RPI interface. It exposes the following toolbar buttons with the tenant name in the center (shortcut keys provided in parentheses):

Toolbar options


Quick Access menu (Ctrl-Q)

The quick access menu allows you to open an RPI interface in a separate tab. Learn more about the Quick Access menu.

Show/Hide the Home Page (Ctrl-H)

This toggle button allows you to switch between display of any designer tabs you have open in the current RPI section, and the Home Page. When one or more tabs are open, on clicking this button, they are hidden, and the Home Page is shown. Clicking the button again redisplays the open tabs. If the Home Page is shown and another tab or file within a tab is opened (e.g. by using a widget, opening a file from the File System Dialog or using the Quick Access menu), the Home Page is hidden and tabs are redisplayed.

Browse, manage or open files from the File System (Ctrl-M)

Selecting this button displays the RPI File System dialog.

View a list of the jobs that you initiated (Ctrl-J)

Selecting this button displays the My Jobs dialog.

Click to view recent error and warning messages

This button allows you to access details of warning and/or error messages that have been generated during the current RPI session. Full details are provided in the Errors and Warnings section.

View Pulse Notifications or Pulses relating to what you are currently viewing

Allows you to view pulse messages. A red circle accompanies the button icon when one or more recent pulse messages that have yet to be viewed in the Pulse Notifications dialog exist. Clicking the button displays the following context menu:

  • View Pulse Notifications…: displays recent pulses in the Pulse Notifications dialog. The option is disabled if none are available. On invocation, the red circle is removed from the button icon.

  • Open Pulse Browser…: invoking this option displays pulses in the Pulses Window.

Note that the Pulses button is not shown following a client restart when system configuration setting EnablePulseMessages is set to False.

Open default Wiki page

Selecting this button opens the default Wiki page in the Linked Page Browser. If a default Wiki page has not been defined an informational message is shown instead.

View Help and Support options for the current context

Invocation of this menu option displays a sub-menu, exposing the following options:

  • View Help: launches Help in a new window. The RPI online help documentation contains the same content as the user manual. Help is semi-contextual insofar as, if invoked when a given designer is displayed, that designer’s initial documentation page is shown automatically. If the Help Window is already shown, invocation brings that window into focus.

  • Technical Support: displays the Redpoint support site in your default browser. For more information, please see the Sign in documentation.

  • Apply License File: clicking this option displays a dialog containing the following:

    • License Update: accompanied by a Select the license file to upload button. Clicking the button displays a Windows file system dialog. XML files are displayed by default. You can select an RPI license file to apply. Having done so, a confirmatory dialog is displayed. Note that is necessary to restart RPI to pick up the new license.

      • If an invalid license file is uploaded, error details are displayed in a dialog.

  • Current License: the current license’s details are shown in this section.

  • About Redpoint Interaction...: displays the About Redpoint Interaction dialog (documented separately).

Note that you can always access contextual help anywhere in RPI by pressing the F1 key.

Developer Tools

An additional option available when RPI is launched with the ‘-devmode’ flag that is reserved for system administrators’ use. Invocation of this option displays the Client Developer Tools dialog. More details can be found in the RPI System Administration guide.

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