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Installation and configuration

A Data Management installation has the following components, which can be installed on one or more computers:


The Data Management client is an interactive toolkit for creating and running data transformation engines. You can use the client to monitor project execution, view data, and edit the interface parameters and layout of Data Management macros and projects. Windows only.

Site Service

The Site Server hosts the Data Management repository and manages the execution of Data Management projects. It hosts scheduling, user/group object security, and logging. The Site Server monitors the Execution Server on each computer within the site or cluster, querying it for load, and choosing appropriate computers on which to spawn project servers. One per site or cluster. Multi-OS.

Web Proxy Service

The Web Proxy Server tracks the web service definitions entered in the repository under the Web Services section. It automatically starts, stops, and monitors running web services to keep them in sync with the definitions and recover from failures. It publishes the TCP listeners and is the single point of connection for all web service requests. It routes requests to the appropriate instance. It scales up parallel service instances if specified, and load-balances requests between instances. One per site or cluster, installed with the Site Server.

Execution Service

The Execution Server functions as Data Management's "concierge." It communicates with clients, proxies repository communication and logging, spawns project servers as needed, and monitors running project servers. One per computer in site or cluster. Multi-OS.

Project Service

A Project server is a task or an interactive design session. It is a virtual server encapsulating the design and execution interfaces for a single project. Multiple project servers are created and managed dynamically by each Execution Server.

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